Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thank you to all!!

Last thursday's class was the final class that I had with you. We were so busy writing speech in one of the activities given in the class. I didn't have the chance to say good bye to all of you. So, writing in this column to say thank you and farewell, I think it's appropriate. I would like to wish all the best for you in your studies. And best of luck for me as well since I'll be a student like you too. Please halal all the jokes, "speeches" (which sometimes you wouldn't want to listen) and other things I've done in the class. Do contact me if you need a friend (or an "older" person) to talk to.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Practice.. practice..practice

In my class today, I ask my students to record their 2 minutes speech about themselves. This is to prepare them for Assessment 1A on Speech Presentation. I told them that they need to pay attention to the effectiveness in giving the speech (can your coursemate understand you?), language that they use (are you using accurate and fluent language?), speech development (strategise your introduction, body and conclusion), physical & delivery and finally voice intonation. I can see that they are working hard on it!

Told them that the WORLD will be looking at them once the speech is published in this blog.. The night before this activity, I 'sms'ed them that they need to bring their handphones (of course with video recorder installed in it) and cables (so that they can upload it in the lab). So class, how do you like this activity? Is it challenging?

How much money do you earn? Earning RM UMP by participating in class activities. In this class, it is possible to obtain some amount of money if you participate in the class activities. Working in a team to collect money is much easier if members are able to help one another in collecting the money. Ultimately, your contribution will be rewarded. Share with me your experience 'struggling' to obtain RM UMP in the class.

Throwing ball to practice voice intonation

How do you like the 'throwing ball' session we did in the class?